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Aya Mohamed Abdelsalam

CEO & Founder, Comoda & Bijar

Aya is from Egypt.

Aya Abdelsalam is a business administration graduate, and alumni of IVLP program, its a part of US department of states and it emphasizes women’s access to economic opportunities and empowering women entrepreneurship.

After working for multinational companies for several years, Aya AbdelSalam co-founded “Comoda” a furniture design factory, and within a few years her showrooms achieved high sales in spite of the fierce market competition. Her success in the furniture business motivated her to pursue her childhood passion of creating her own clothing brand. Bijar, her fashion brand which she launched in 2015, became an instant hit and was sold out.

Aya participated in the Goldman Sachs Women Program, which provides business education, mentoring and networking to female entrepreneurs. The experience she gained from this program helped her to expand her businesses into international markets.

Aya also believes that her businesses should have positive impact on her community and her country and this belief leaded her to start help indigent people through her businesses by giving support and training programs for undergraduates and unskilled workers to support them and grow their skills and talents to manufacture all her products with specific standards and help her businesses to achieve social responsibility.