Fernando Salvetti

Founder and Managing Partner, Logosnet

Fernando is a pioneer of immersive experiences, augmented reality and holography for visual communication, interactive learning and people development. An Italian epistemologist, anthropologist and lawyer, he is from Turin (Piedmont) and is used to travel all year round spending some weeks in a number of interesting places. As a consultant, entrepreneur-executive and scholar, he is active in the fields of knowledge sharing, communication of science and technology, international and cross-cultural communication, new media in education, immersive learning and e-experiences. Among his latest achievements there is e-REAL®, the enhanced reality lab that is becoming a cornerstone for visual thinking, immersive education and interactive communication. In the current world, knowledge is the key factor and derives from the best minds at work: goal oriented achievers, trusted professionals with business savvy and broad industry experience, exceptional scholars. That is the main reason why Fernando in 1996 co-founded Logosnet: a leading professional practice with operations worldwide for knowledge sharing, people development and consulting – with Logos Research Center (Italy) and LKN (Switzerland and Germany) as main engines boosting the “glocal” knowledge network. Among the latest books Fernando co-authored there are “Employability. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the Glocal World”, “Glocal Working: Living and Working Across the World with Cultural Intelligence”, “Ethics & Business: Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Ethical Instruments”, “Learn How to Learn!”

Fernando Salvetti's mentee is Stéphane Chui.