Marina Antoniou

Head of Audit

Marina Antoniou has over 12 years of experience auditing major financial institutions globally. During this time, she received a global recognition award for her performance in internal audit. She is the EMEA Head of Audit for Rates trading as well as the France Head of Audit for Citigroup.

In the past, Marina acted as Head of Audit for Citigroup in Greece and Luxembourg. Marina is a qualified Chartered Accountant and member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. She studied Investment Management at the London Business School and has an MSc in Economics & Finance from Warwick Business School. She is currently studying FinTech at the Oxford Said Business School. She is a Warwick University Ambassador and sits at the Warwick Business School Finance Committee. Marina enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures and customs. She is a multiple award winning photographer and uses her photography work to fundraise for charities. Marina published four photography books: ‘Protecting Antarctica’, ‘Greenland and Antarctica: The Climate Change’, 'Namibia' and 'Kenya'. The book sale proceeds of the first two books are donated to support the ‘Haven House’ and ‘Richard House’ hospices for children.

Marina Antoniou's mentee is Carol Ward Sarraf.