Menna Moges

Menna Moges was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She  went  to  high  school  at  Lideta  Catholic  Cathedral  School  and  then  went  on  to  Addis  Ababa  University  to  pursue  her higher  education.  She majored in Accounting and Finance. She iscurrently  studying  my  MBA  in  International  Business  at  the  University  of  Greenwich.  

Throughout  most  of  herteen  years  she has  been  active  in  community  projects  and  professional  societies.  

She used  these  opportunities  to  contribute  to  society  and  to  find  herself in  the  process.  

In her own words, she learned responsibility, what it meant to help others and  

more  importantly  how  she can  be  a  part  of  making  changes  in  society.

Another thing that she is quite passionate about is feminism.  She believes that gender  

equality  is  a  very  important  thing  and  that  it  should  be  practiced  everywhere  as  well as in  everything  that  we  do.  This equality is what will build momentum in the improvement in  this  world. She  strongly  believes that  much  work  should  be  done  in  this  regard  to  help  females more involved  in  growth.