Michael E. Economakis

Executive Vice Chairman AG Leventis Group Plc

Michael E. Economakis started his career 36 years ago, in Coca-Cola Hellenic the 2nd biggest bottler of The Coca-Cola Company in the world, operating in 28 countries – in Sales, holding variety of Sales Field positions in the first years of his career. He then progressed throughout his career into ever-increasing roles of responsibility within Coca-Cola Hellenic that included:

  • Commercial Manager
  • General Manager, Rhodian Bottling Company (Coca-Cola Hellenic subsidiary)
  • General Manager, West Greece
  • General Manager for all mainland Greece operations of Coca-Cola Hellenic

End of 2003 he was assigned Managing Director of Tsakiris S.A., Coca-Cola Hellenic’s snack food business in Greece, which was acquired by Coca-Cola Hellenic that year. During next year Coca-Cola Hellenic acquired a distribution company “ELXYM S.A.”, which was also assigned under his management. As of 2006 up to 2009, he was Managing Director of Pivara Skopje AD, a three parties JV Company (Coca-Cola Hellenic, Heineken, M6), being responsible for the operations of Coca-Cola Hellenic and Heineken in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, as well as for sales and distribution operations for beer business in Kosovo, Albania, and Southern Serbia. As of Q2 2009, he was assigned CEO of Nutriart S.A., a listed company, operating in the Food Sector. His main focus was the financial and operational restructuring of the company. As of Nevember 2012, he was appointed Board Director and one year later Executive Vice Chairman of A.G.Leventis Group (Plc), a conglomerate which operates in Nigeria almost 80 years. Michael E. Economakis is, also, member of the Board of Directors of GNCCT (Greek – Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and Technology), and member of CEO ASSOCIATION GREECE.