Sherouk El Shershabi

Sherouk El Shershabi changes agent with a clear vision focused on details to make an impact, with passion and unique experience in using technology to solve real-world problems connected with private, public sector and academia researches derived with business understanding while graduating in Electronic Business Management. She worked her way up to the management position in conserved organizations as the only female, graduated with honours as the first student in her class. She helped to establish three successful tech startups and lead partnerships in an open channel with governmental institutions.

Specialized in a male demonstrated profession smart manufacturing build awareness and implemented women enablement in C levels positions equal salaries. Invited globally for projects and consultation by big names as BMW Munich technology center Aachen selected by DAAD registered as a researcher.

A dedicated learner who is looking for mentorship at this stage in her career in connecting researches, to create new solutions connecting green and smart manufacturing smart cities.