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Soha Tarek

General Manager, Notting Hill College - School of Business

Soha is from Egypt.

Soha Tarek is an Egyptian Female who believes in diversity and change that’s why she has been working for more than a decade in different fields since she was studying at Faculty of Law (French department). 

She started her professional career 2007  as a reporter in Egyptian local newspapers and later started working in Gulf newspapers , her duties were concentrated in this period in writing political reports and conducting interviews with public figures. 

In 2014 she moved to Deutsche Welle Akademie as a journalistic Trainer and supervisor for a project entitled “Women Voices” which aimed to qualify fresh graduates for labour market needs, then she led as an Editor in Chief “Masr El Nas” or people of Egypt Media Platform and became the Main Trainer of Deutsche Welle Akademie’s project in Egypt. 

She worked in different countries in the MENA region such as: Egypt,Tunisia and Jordan as a Trainer in management and Media. 

Her work in Media played an effective role in enhancing her interpersonal communication skills and encouraged her to gain knowledge in different fields to mature her thoughts and create a better performance as well she is a person who is always interested  in experiencing new expertise by learning , reading and traveling worldwide, so because of that she started to study recently a specialized diploma in Educational leadership and management at Notting Hill College in the UK and was selected to join its team as general manager for school of business. 

Ms. Tarek considers Education and continuous training the Key element for empowerment.